Jumping Indoor Maastricht 2022

This year Jumping Indoor Maastricht will be organised from 4 till 6 November. JIM offers top sport with, among others, the FEI Driving World Cup and the Grand Prix of Maastricht combined with the Limburg hospitality. An event for the whole family!



Yvonne van Bergen, born and living in Ottersum is a well-known face at many events in the Netherlands and far beyond. Yvonne is the driving force in the show office as event manager, the contact for riders, grooms and everybody involved in the sport. She has her own agency: Yvonne van Bergen Management & Events. She now makes her living out of her passion.

You made your living out of your passion, how did you do it?
I have known the equestrian world for many years. As daughter of a farmer I was involved with horses at an early stage and it is now part of me. I started to work for the Dutch Equestrian Federation in Baarn after responding to an advert in De Hoefslag. For 10 years I drove to work from North Limburg where I gained a lot of knowledge and experience. After the fusion I worked for the KNHS for two years in Wanroij. When the KNHS moved to Ermelo I decided to start my own company: Yvonne van Bergen – Management & Events. It was (is) not always easy, but with a good attitude and constructive thinking I was able to make a living out of my passion.

What words come up when you have to describe JIM?
Great sport, chique, entertainment, fun has no time limit, networking. JIM is an event were top sport, industry and equestrian fans come together.

What is a day at JIM like for you?
I start in the morning around 8 am and we will go on until 11/12 pm. It are long days, but time flies. After we start up we have a meeting to discuss all activities of the day and see what we can improve. During the rest of the day I deal with all sort of questions, handle, among others, the accreditations, entries, startinglists, results, other necessary paperwork, prizegiving ceremonies, etc. Not one day is the same. There is always something happening what was not planned, things need to be solved and people always have questions. But that is good, it makes it all worth it.

Which edition of JIM you liked most?
Well, that is a difficult question. I don’t really have a favourite. I look forward to every new edition. However, if I have to make a choice, it is the 2013 edition, when JIM returned on the international equestrian calendar.

What gives you energy during your job?
During the preparation I get a lot of energy of composing the list of competitors. It is always great when a talented competitors enters his name. However, I also love to help design the ribbons, the stable plates and blankets. When you are doing that it is as if JIM has already started. Currently inventing and executing new activities give me energy. During the event I enjoy to see happy athletes and grooms, smiling faces, the excitement on the faces of the children, the cheering public, the horses comfortable in their stables eating their hay and the exciting sport. But the best thing when we can look back on Sunday evening on a successful event without accidents or incidents.

What makes JIM so unique/special for you?
For me it is unique to be involved in an event that is organised in my own province. In addition, JIM was the second international event I worked for during my time with the NHS. I remember it very well, I was very nervous because everybody told me that Milly Noë was difficult to work with. But it all went very smooth and I went home with a bag full of presents. JIM contributed to my development as an event manager. Special for me was the competition the day before the start where riders could qualify for the ‘real’ event. That was always very exciting. JIM was unique, also then, because of its charisma, people all dressed up for this event in the ‘fashion city’ of the Netherlands. JIM is an event for everybody, you can experience the dynamic between top sport, industry and entertainment.

Who is your favourite for the victory in the Grand Prix this year?
All competitors on the startinglist are my favourite to win the Longines Trophy - Grand Prix of Maastricht. I am hoping for an exciting jump-off and an enthusiastic crowd. However, if I may be a bit chauvinistic, I hope I rider from Limburg will win.