Jumping Indoor Maastricht 2020


JIM will then be organized from 6 to 8 November, make a note of it in the agenda!

Ticket sales start from 1 August 2020. If you want to pre-order tickets for the next edition, please send an email to
Jeroen Dubbeldam starts in Maastricht
The new double World Champion Jeroen Dubbeldam will start at Jumping Indoor Maastricht which will be held from 14 til 16 November in the MECC. The organisation is proud to have secured the currently absolute top rider for this international event.

The 2000 Olympic Champion said that he had good memories of the 2013 edition and that he is happy that JIM is back on the calendar. He does not yet know which horses he will bring to Limburg in November but he will do his best to be in front at the prizegiving ceremony of the Grand Prix of Maastricht.

The rider from Weerselo who won individual and team gold with Zenith SFN in Caen, France, has had some hectic times, but now he is focussing again on the future. He proved that he has kept his World Championship form when he recently won the Championat of Paderborn in Germany.

National coach Rob Ehrens promised sports director Frank Kemperman that he would get the best possible Dutch competitor field possible in Maastricht.

In addition to the international jumping and dressage compeitions the programme also offers competitions for regional combinations.

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