Jumping Indoor Maastricht 2024

This year Jumping Indoor Maastricht will be organised from 8 till 10 November. JIM offers top sport with, among others, the FEI Driving World Cup and the Grand Prix of Maastricht combined with the Limburg hospitality. An event for the whole family!



For the fourth time in his career, Maikel van der Vleuten clinched the victory in the Grand Prix of Maastricht. In the saddle of the stallion Luigi d’Eclipse he sent his home fans into ecstasy when he stopped the clock at 33.95 seconds. A thrilling conclusion to Jumping Indoor Maastricht and a fully Dutch podium was the cherry on top for the enthusiastic crowd.  

Four wins, it must be more than luck. Maikel van der Vleuten clearly feels at home at Jumping Indoor Maastricht. “I always have a good feeling at this show. You can feel the support from the spectators. Like I said during the prize giving ceremony, it is incredible to see all those people on the grandstands that have come to watch us. It is such a boost when you hear them chanting your name and cheering you on! I believe that we, as Dutch top riders, must cherish Jumping Indoor Maastricht. It is a wonderful show, and we should be very proud of it.”

Van der Vleuten also praises his Luigi d’Eclipse. “I am so thankful I have Luigi d’Eclipse in my stables and hopefully he remains with us for a long time. We have a special connection and if you have such a partnership with a horse, they give you so much in return.”

The jump-off with leading names from various countries turned into a clash of the titans. The Dutch champions Willem Greve and Highway M TN N.O.P. are widely regarded as fierce opponents. On this occasion the fast duo had to settle for the runner-up position. “Highway M TN N.O.P. and I are a great team, we know each other inside out and are completely in sync. He is only getting better, so I am very happy he recently received the N.O.P. distinction.”

Willem Greve continues: “It was a delicate and demanding course, and we rode a superb jump-off, although I could have made the turn a bit tighter in retrospect. It’s a great prelude for the shows in Madrid and La Coruna in two weeks. We have seen top-notch sport in Maastricht this weekend. It is such a vibrant show with an excited crowd.”

Local hero Mathijs van Asten mounted the third step of the podium. A fitting reward for his gutsy jump-off ride with Sirocco. “All in all, a fantastic day. I am very pleased. The last line could have been better, I should have opted for one less stride. However, there is no shame in being bested by these two horses and riders”, Mathijs points at his fellow countrymen. “Jumping Indoor Maastricht is a special show to me, it’s on home turf as I am a true Limburger. There are so many familiar faces here, it motivates me even more. Yes, it comes with a certain pressure but it’s the positive kind of pressure. I like it, it makes me focused.”

The top five was completed by Germany’s Jana Wargers and Clash Royale, who needed only a tenth of a second more to reach the finish line than Mathijs van Aten. Belgian rider Niels Bruynseels placed fifth aboard Origi v. Vosberg.